Christmas Season in Full Swing

I love this time of year so much!

Two days after Thanksgiving, I had all of the Fall decor put away and all of the Christmas decorations in their places.

But it's not realllllly Christmas until you have a tree.

This year we went to a tree farm in Washington. It was unseasonably warm so they were busy, but we still managed to get some family pictures.

In the past, we've picked up our tree in the early evening, so we had to work around the sun here, but we nabbed some good shots.

I can't believe how much the boys are growing. Luke is officially as tall as me now and maybe even a smidge taller (I'm wearing healed boots in this pic). Here's the side-by-side from last year.

So, they've grown, for sure!

Ben whipped up a couple of simple trees to decorate the front of the yard. Our idea is to add a couple each Christmas.

We put together our annual "To-Do" list with activities, movies, and service projects we want to complete.

I've been working hard on buying presents and as soon as the tree is up I'll get them wrapped and put out.

So, busy, busy, busy, but in a good way! There are so many things to look forward to during the Christmas season. I love all of it..the music, the movies, the special church services...

Of course, now that I've said that, I have to immediately back-track and specify that I don't, actually, love "all" of the holiday season. I guess I've just learned to cut out what I don't like so that I can fully focus on what I do love.

I hate crowds, for instance, so I make sure to get my gift and grocery shopping done early and if I need anything last minute, I give Ben the puppy eyes and he helps a girl out.

I also hate being overly busy, so that's why we make a list every year. Some families go-go-go every night, but we aren't built that way. Instead, we carefully select the activities we want to participate in and then we make time for those things and let the rest go.

In talking to a lot of my friends, I've noticed an overall theme of cutting back on activities and parties. People are opting for less travel time and more downtime and that is a trend I can truly get behind.


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