Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Tired from our trip, and wanting a full meal we could eat and enjoy, we decided to stay home on Thanksgiving. I made a spread of traditional T-Day foods and Karen and Tim joined us. Since it was a small group, I was able to spend some time putting together a pretty table.

The day after, we hosted my mom and siblings. Everyone brought something to share. We had enough kids to set up a kid table, which was kind of fun.

We played board games after dinner and had a blast.

Pit is a good game for a group. Simple and easy to learn.

Telestrations is another family favorite:


There was a lot of laughing going on. Before we knew it, the night was over and everyone was heading home.

The holiday season is now in full swing and I know the year will be over before we know it. I cannot believe how quickly time flies!26


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