October Catch-Up

This Fall has been pleasantly busy.

We started fostering a cat for some good friends. He's only a year old, but he's 16lbs, and so very active. He's kept us on his toes and is totally hilarious.

His name is Knight and he loves to go out on the deck, run and play with our other cats, wrestle with our other cats, jump on and off of everything, and can make anything you drop onto the floor into the best toy ever. We call him "Gallumpus" because he's so incredibly clumsy and when he runs through the house, you'd swear a herd of elephants was on the loose.

[caption id="attachment_4038" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Such a snuggle bug[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4035" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Cat party in the kitchen.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4037" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Buddies[/caption]

I did something I didn't think I'd ever do again: buy a cookbook. Actually, I went a little crazy and bought TWO cookbooks! I've been feeling like we're in a food rut and needed to get out of the funk. I've been over to againstallgrains.com and have tried several recipes there and have loved them all.  So I bought these two:

I made the pumpkin bread this morning, but that's a whole 'nuther post.

There's something about Fall that makes even a non-cook like me feel like cooking a bit. Even I have to grudgingly admit that there's just something so cozy about something simmering on the stove.


[caption id="attachment_4036" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Chili![/caption]

This paleo naan has become a staple. I basically use it as a soft taco shell. They are pretty quick and easy and a heck of a lot cheaper than the other gluten-free alternatives at the store.

Ben had a few friends out to shoot.

[caption id="attachment_4032" align="aligncenter" width="169"] Take that, pumpkin![/caption]

Our church hosted a bonfire. We went and had such a good time. There's a huge lot behind the church that includes a community garden and a wide open space perfect for a bonfire and kids running amok...

[caption id="attachment_4041" align="aligncenter" width="300"] ...and volleyball apparently. You can't see it from here, but Ben actually played volleyball! Who is this man?[/caption]

Ben and the boys visited a pumpkin patch which sounded amazing. So many of the pumpkin patches are really geared to little ones, but this had a ton for the older kids. Ben had a great time, too.

I stayed behind and worked on my garden area. We'd originally planned to meet up with some friends in Branson, but Gabe and Ben got sick. They weren't sick for long, but the weekend got cancelled. I decided to take the opportunity to get some plants in the ground. Yet another thing I need to blog about because it's come a long way!

The boys have made some good friends and I'm so grateful. I think it's no coincidence that two of those friends just moved here and one is a newer homeschooler. Luke, especially, struggled with not having any close friends since moving to our current location. I just didn't know what to tell him. But it worked out so well because now there are these three other boys who were in the same situation and now they all have each other. It's a blessing for all involved!

So that's my catch-up for now. I hate that I haven't been blogging much. I only have a few weeks left until co-op and my class up at church are over and I'll have a bit more time. I've been enjoying both, though, so wrapping them up will be bittersweet.


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