19th Anniversary

We celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary!

I've been married for over half my life! Weird!

I wish we could say we did something big, but we just didn't put any effort into it. That sounds bad, but we have a trip coming up and the the holidays will be in full swing. Next year is the big 2-0 so we'll definitely do something big then!

I was surprised by these:

[caption id="attachment_4047" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Pretty flowers. Purple theme![/caption]

and I made him Paleo Twix Bars:

[caption id="attachment_4048" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Yum![/caption]

Then we locked ourselves in the bedroom......and watched Friends. Hahahahaha. So romantic.

I wish I could say that marriage is always easy and perfect, but anyone who's married knows better than that. Social media always makes things look good, but the reality is that we're just blessed to celebrate another year together. We both know that there aren't any guarantees in this life. We'll keep doing the best we can and hope that God's grace covers us and we make it and most days that's about all that carries us through.

Here's looking forward to many more!


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