Down for the Count

My last post was about how the boys were at camp/day camp. A month ago. So what happened to blogging between then and now? The flu.

Luke returned home from camp exhausted and hoarse. Two days later he was achy, feverish, and complaining of a sore throat. It took him a solid week to recover. Then Gabe got sick with the same thing. I rejoiced when he felt better in only 4 days. Until I got sick.

I. Was. Miserable. I couldn't do anything for about 3 days and then it took me a good 5 days more to really feel normal. By that time, Gabe had a stomach bug that knocked him out for 3 days. I had a head cold during that time. We got better only for Ben to get the head cold and Luke to get the stomach bug.

It was my chiro who suggested that it was all the same bug - the flu. That makes sense because my "head cold' ended up coming and going and I had some upset stomach at two different points.  Luke also had head cold symptoms pop up and then go away.

We were all over the place. It was no fun, to say the least.

FINALLY, I think I can say we are all good except I have the last bit of chest congestion/cough, but otherwise I'm doing well and ready to put all of this behind us!

I can't believe that we wasted our last month of summer being sick, but I'm hoping that means we're free and clear for the Fall and Winter up ahead. Right? Right. :)


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