I'm kinda-sorta kid free this week!

Luke's church camp and Gabe's VBS both fell on the same week. VBS is from 9-4 so it's a good chunk of the day that I have to myself.

I love to be with the boys. I'm so grateful that I get to be home with them and I genuinely enjoy their company. But I relish this alone time because it's hard to get anything "extra" done when they are around all of the time.

So this week I'm:

  • Planning my sister's baby shower

  • Catching up on scrapbooking

  • Planning our next family vacation

  • Going out to eat and ziplining with Ben

  • Catching up on an online e-learning course

  • Binge-watching movies with Ben

I'm also working all day on Friday so that day will be sort of a bust, but that's okay because Ben is super busy with work and can only hang out so much.

Gabe is home in the evenings, but he's been so worn out that he's happy to just read and maybe watch a couple videos. I might drag him and Ben out to see the glass exhibit one of these evenings if he can stay awake.

The ladies at camp have been posting pictures throughout the day so we can see what the kids are up to. Luke already has a nasty scrape on his arm, but otherwise seems to be doing well.

Gabe has been LOVING VBS. He comes home excited every day. Today he was chosen to go up on stage and play a game. He did so willingly and won and was so excited and proud of himself. I love to see him stepping out of his comfort zone.

I'm sure this week will fly by quickly, but I'm going to stretch it as much as I can and make the most of it while it lasts!


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