Luke's 13th Birthday Party *Friends Edition

Several of Luke's friends weren't able to make it to his birthday party last month so we decided to do 2 parties. I know it seems like a lot, and it isn't something I'd like to do every year, but you only become a teenager once, right?

This time, everyone was available and Luke was thrilled. Ben took the morning off of work and hauled them all to the water park at Six Flags. They stayed there for a few hours and then they came back home for lunch.

[caption id="attachment_3929" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Food![/caption]

They recouped in the house for a bit and then, armed with cans of shaving cream and the hose, they headed outdoors to play on the slip and slide and the trampoline.

From the sounds of it, they had a blast!

A couple of the boys had to head home, but the others were able to stay the night. They ate and played games and ate and played more games and ate and watched YouTube videos and ate and compared fidget spinners. It was a raging success.


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