King Tut Exhibit

The heat is obscene here this week. Every day is over 100 degrees!

We made plans to meet up with Gabe's friend at the Science Center so that we could stay indoors. I figured the kiddos would just play for a while, but there was a traveling exhibit on King Tut so, on a whim, we decided to buy tickets.

It was $46 for myself and the boys, BUT, it was really well done. You start off looking at a few exhibits and reading a lot of plaques. Then comes a movie. The movie tells the story of the man who found Tut's tomb. After the movie, you move through a series of huge props (some replicating entire sections of the tomb).  I read a book about Egypt this year and the boys and I learned about ancient Egypt in school so it was neat to do something that helped solidify all of that info.

The exhibit ended up taking most of our time there and could have easily taken more. It was information overload. The kids did really well, but they could only read/listen to so much. Nothing like 2 hours of history in one day!


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