Gabe's Room Finished

Gabe's room is finished! Or at least finished enough.

We found this at Goodwill one day and my penguin-obsessed boy had to have it.

Here's the bedroom from the doorway. He chose the colors - blue and black. I was hesitant, but he loves it and it does seem like it will carry him through the teen years. I so don't want to paint again.

We found the bedding at IKEA, on clearance, for $10. The picture ledges had been in the room, on the other wall, we just repainted them black and moved them over here.

Removing the top bunk sure makes the room seem more open! This room feels huge now!

Oh, and he's the one who chose the "G-O-D" letters. Cracks me up. I'm hoping to find some artwork for the ledges and maybe a poster or a big "G" for the head of the bed.

Here's the closet. Gabe didn't want the doors on his closet anymore and I couldn't argue too much because they were cheap, flimsy doors anyway. We ended up having plenty of paint left over so I went ahead and painted the closet. I have some blue bins coming that I'll use on that top shelf to disguise all the schtuff.

When he gets older (and bigger) we'll probably take out the lower shelf and put a real dresser in there.

The hanging chair is from IKEA and it's actually something we've had for years. It was boxed up and sitting in the basement. But now it's up and it's a fun little nook.

The posters are from Good Mythical Morning, one of the boy's favorite Youtube shows.

[caption id="attachment_3960" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Getting some reading in.[/caption]

Gabe's favorite part of the room are the shelves. He wanted his room to be more like a library. We found this configuration at IKEA and it fits perfectly. He loves it. We just need to get him a step stool so he can reach things better.

This kiddo loves books so much. He specifically requested some "really big dictionaries." One of the schools Ben services was selling off a bunch of books and he noticed a big dictionary. They ended up giving it to him and then they dug up two more and gave him those as well. They are HEAVY and they are a dream come true to my little logophile.


[caption id="attachment_3956" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Dictionary collection[/caption]

His room doesn't have a theme, it's just a "boy room." There are all kinds of boy things and Gabe things. Penguins, Minecraft, Star Wars, Harry Potter, weapons cache, books and stuffed animals.

[caption id="attachment_3958" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Minecraft section[/caption]

So, that's that. We'll probably add a few things here and there and I'm sure the book collection will only grow, but I'm okay with that.

I'm glad to finally be done with this project. I've worked on it all month long and am ready to move on to the next project: Luke's room. There's always something to work on and look forward to!


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