Luke's 13th Birthday Party

Family Edition

I had grand visions of a massive, blow-out birthday party for Luke's 13th, but several of his good friends weren't available so we decided to do a family party near his birthday and a friend party in July.

It was a small gathering, but we had a nice time.

He opened some fun gifts...a fidget spinner from his little brother, a drone from my sister, Anna, and lots of cash.

[caption id="attachment_3873" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Gifts![/caption]

He has been saving his money for a bass guitar. About a week ago I told Ben that I thought maybe we should get him a memorable gift for his 13th and Ben agreed. We hatched a plan to surprise him with a bass. It's one he raved about after playing it at Guitar Center. We picked it up the night before. He was totally surprised and blown away. We've never given wither of them a big gift like this before so he was in total shock which is not easy to do with this kid!

[caption id="attachment_3876" align="aligncenter" width="240"] Last but not least...[/caption]

I didn't get an up-close picture of the "Luke" wall, but you can see it there. Everything was decorated in a red and black rock theme.

My mom gave him a lazy bag. You fill it with air and lounge around in them. Sounds boring,but they are SO comfy. She gave one to Gabe for his birthday and now the rest of us have them, too.

So, my sweet baby is almost 13. It's not the 29th, yet, so I have a few more days of denial.

This is such an interesting age to me. I feel like he's all over the place. Sometimes he's still my little boy, crawling into my lap asking for back scratches. Other times he's fiercely independent. Sometimes he throws fits like a toddler, other times he says something so mature that it takes my breath away. I just never know from day to day what he's going to say or do!

I love you, Luke Michael, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!



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