Nolen Family Vacation 2017: Day 13

Thursday, April 27th


Today we got an even later start. We lounged around the house, played in the pool, did some laundry, and then visited a couple of the large gift shops in the area.

It's right about this point in vacation that I'm really starting to miss home. I miss my bed. I miss my cats. I'm ready to be home!

I don't think we made it to the park until about 3 or 4pm. We revisited some of our favorite rides and places.

[caption id="attachment_3815" align="aligncenter" width="300"] We finally got to see the dragon blow fire![/caption]

By the time the night show started we were dead tired and so hungry. I'm not sure if it was because of those things or what, but the show wasn't really very good. It was a tribute to movies through the years. At first it was neat because they project onto a sheet of water in the middle of a large pond. After about 15 minutes we were over it and decided to make our way toward food.

[caption id="attachment_3807" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Random: Momma duck and her babies at Universal![/caption]

I'm sad that we left the Hardrock Cafe for last. Luke LOVES all things rock and this is the largest Hardrock in the country. We were just too tired to appreciate it. We did look around a little after we ate, but everyone was tired and it's a long walk back to the car and about a 25 minute drive back to our rental.

I've had people ask how many days needed for Universal and I think 3 is the minimum if you're a Harry Potter fan. You'll want to look into every store. You'll want to ride, or at least walk through the lines, at every ride. The line for the Hogwarts ride, for example, was an experience in itself.

All our time there and I didn't feel like we spent much time in the NYC portion of the park, at all, which is a shame because it looked neat. We did the Jimmy Fallon ride, but that was it for that entire section!

Also, a good many of their rides are not true coasters, but are the motion-simulated, 3-D rides which means that there's more to do than traditional theme parks. I know a lot of people who hate coasters so that time-suck is eliminated for them, but if they like other sorts of rides then they'll have plenty to choose from.

We loved Universal and look forward to returning some day!


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