Nolen Family Vacation 2017: Day 11

Tuesday, April 25th

Universal Studios

We're big Harry Potter nerds here so Universal was so exciting for us. Years ago, when we went to Disney, we all had a good time, but we've never been super huge Disney fans so the boys enjoyed themselves, but they were beside themselves. It was neat to see them so looking forward to something.

Ben's feet were really hurting and he was limping from the get-go. I really felt for him, but he insisted we press on. He was as excited as we were! 

We booked it to the Hulk ride first thing. Gabe adamantly refused to ride it so he and I sat out. After that we walked back toward the Harry Potter portion of the park. This is easily where we spent most of our time. We went into and just oohed and ahhed. We ate dinner at the Three Broomsticks and had a tasty butterbeer.

[caption id="attachment_3784" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Diagon Alley[/caption]

Both boys bought interactive wands. The park has several places where you can use your wand to perform "magic".

We rode the Hogwarts Express, the Escape from Gringotts, Spiderman, Kong, and the Simpsons ride.

After tearing ourselves away from HP, we moved over to the Simpsons section of the park. Ben was excited!

[caption id="attachment_3789" align="aligncenter" width="200"] No, he didn't eat this donut alone![/caption]

We ate dinner at Red Oven and then headed back to the Airbnb. Once again we managed to stay up late chatting and hanging out. Chelsea wasn't about to pay for Universal tickets when she couldn't ride most of the rides, so she and Nate spent the day deep sea fishing. It was fun to catch each other up on how we'd spent our days.

We were all tired and Ben's feet were really bothering him, but we'd had a great day and were excited to get up and do it all again!


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