The ladies in my Monday night Bible study were talking about how social media invites comparison. We agreed that it can be misleading when you see people on FB and Instagram posting all these happy, exciting, important things. I then pointed out, though, that people who post the bad tend to be seen as negative. It's hard to balance.

Sometimes, as I'm blogging, I feel bragg-y. All of the pretty, shiny moments get talked about and documented but rarely the bad stuff and never the mundane stuff.

So here's my brief remedy for that:

In the past week, I set the yard on two different spots. I was using a blow torch to kill weeds. Ben does it all the time and has never set anything on fire. I should have known better than to think that I would have the same luck. I'm incredibly fortunate that Ben was working in the backyard where the first fire was set because I had no clue! I cannot fathom how horrible that could have turned out if it had just kept on burning unchecked.

I also burned by bottom lip. Badly. I was cooking noodles, fished one out of the boiling pot to test it. When I bit into it the water inside the noodle (it was a tube noodle, like elbow macaroni) the water squirted out onto my lip. It's hideous to behold, but it's healing fine so I'm grateful.

As for mundane, I am tired of dealing with crummy attitudes around here. I'm tired of planning meals, purchasing ingredients, cooking homemade Paleo meals, and then getting complaints, grumbles, and looks of disgust. I know it's my fault for putting up with it. I wouldn't put up with that kind of constant ingratitude from anyone else. I wouldn't allow my boys to act like that to anyone else. So why do I let them do it to me? I don't know, but no more! I have a couple tricks up my sleeve, but if they don't work it's time for a strike.

So that's it. Well, some of it. The un-glamorous parts of an ordinary life!


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