Hello Spring? February Catch-Up.


I spent the last two weeks of February sick. It started with aches and chills (but no fever). Just as I was getting over that I ended up with a horrible head cold. I finally had to get serious and just clear my calendar for 4 days. I did N-O-T-H-I-N-G. And it's exactly what I needed. I hope a time comes when I learn that lesson. When my body is sick I need rest. Instead, I rest for one day and as soon as I see even a hint of improvement I'm back at it and I only end up prolonging my misery. Ridiculous.

What else?

I've been practicing Spanish every day on duolingo. I'm kind of addicted.

I was invited to join a mom's group at church which was very exciting because we've been at this church for over a year now and I've not really made any connections. I serve at the thrift store where all of the other volunteers are retired. (They are dear ladies, but we're at such different stages of life.) I attended the group yesterday and saw several women I recognized, but hadn't met yet. Another women attended co-op last semester. She recognized me and we started chatting and we have a lot in common. The two hours flew by and I'm really looking forward to the next meeting.

I also joined a holistic mom's group that is hosted by my chiro once a month. I'm the oldest one there and they only woman who is not pregnant or lactating, but that's okay! It's really nice to be able to discuss health and wellness with other people who "get it."

I had an awesome checkup/cleaning at the dentist. 'nuff said.

I made it all the way through 1 Samuel and am working through 2 Samuel now.

Erica and I are teaching a Little House on the Prairie class at co-op. Well, Erica is teaching it. I assist and take pictures. She is doing an amazing job. I've known of her love of organization, of course, but to see it in action like this is pretty cool. Every single week she has a fun craft and work pages that correspond to the current chapter. I think the kids are really enjoying it. In May we're all taking a field trip to Perryville to visit a farm that provides a "Little House" experience.

I've got most of the plans in place for our next family vacation. I'm never vacationing in August again, if I can help it, so we're going at the end of April. We'll be heading down South. AR, LA, MS, GA, and FL. As it stands now, we'll be spending a few days with Chelsea and Nate. I'm beside myself with excitement.

Ben: Ben spent all day Sunday the 17th working on our shed. And that was after he'd gone into church early to help with the coffee ministry. It was a warm day, but not hot. He did eat and drink throughout the day, but I guess it wasn't enough. I woke up at 11pm to him rummaging around a drawer looking for his blood pressure cuff. His blood pressure was sky high, he was having difficulty breathing, chest pressure and chest pain. We called Karen to come crash on the couch and I drove him to the E.R.

His EKG and bloodwork all came back fine. They hooked him up to an I.V., gave him baby aspirin and some morphine, and his symptoms started to disappear. We were there for 5 hours though. I'm pretty sure this is where I picked up my nasty head cold.

The E.R. doc wanted him to follow up with a cardiologist, but after talking to our chiro and all my holistic mama friends, it really does sound like muscle fatigue/dehydration. Ben doesn't ever drink enough water and he does not work out much at all. He's extremely sedentary. He says he's going to change that and I hope he follows through.

Ben's decided to go to Guatemala in June to help build houses for widows. After a lot of run around, his passport is in and he's excited to go. It's a bit pricey, but it's something he's always wanted to do and our church sends a team down every year. I'm excited for him.

Our church is also starting a mini coffee shop every morning. They brew up tasty coffee drinks and sell them to the Sunday morning crew and all the proceeds will be used for funding missions. Ben is in heaven. He has always dreamed of having a coffee shop. We've just never lived anywhere that could support something like that and he's always been way too busy to really pursue it anyway. But two ladies at our church came up with this idea and he's going to be helping out. In fact, they may tour a coffee plantation while in Guatemala!

Luke: is still as into music as ever. He has a 45-minute lesson every Monday and then a 2-hour rehearsal with a Pop Punk band every Wednesday. Their end of season show is in May and we're all looking forward to seeing him perform again.

Luke's taking a health class at co-op. The first section is about general health stuff. The other section is about God's design for dating, romance, and sex. Luckily, Luke is very open about talking about all of that, because the book they are learning from is about 100 years old and is so antiquated. Sigh. It's been great food for discussion, I'll give it that!

Gabe: Gabe is really growing up. In every possible way. We've been working with our chiro and trying different things and I guess they're working. I've also cut grains out of our diet again, so maybe that's helping, too. No major breathing issues! His vocabulary astounds me and I love to hear his take on things and the inner workings of his mind. He's getting ready to be 10 and is counting down the days.

He's also growing again, so that's nice! He hates to grow out of his clothes, but he also hates getting mistaken for a 6/7 year old! I know he'll never be big for his age, but average would be nice. We can do average.

So that's February in a (big) nutshell. I can't believe how fast it went!


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