Ready to Rock

Luke started taking music lessons at School of Rock about 8 months ago. He started off taking weekly lessons and they quickly encouraged us to enroll him in one of the performance classes. Kids in performance classes not only have private lessons every week, but they also get to work with a group of kids on a set. They have a preview show after a couple of months and after about 4 months they play a full set in a real venue.

When a 90s Grunge performance group started Luke jumped right in. He's been practicing for hours and hours over the course of months and he did an amazing job at his concert.

Sunday we gathered with my mom, Karen, Don, Tim, Josh, and some other friends, to watch Luke and the other grunge kids along with various other kids playing their sets. We were treated to Metallica, Punk, Grunge, and 70s Jams during the 4ish hours we were there.

The kids performed on stage at The Rock House. I'd never been there before but it was a great venue! I really enjoyed the fact that it was very family friendly. Lots of younger kids were running around and just generally cheering on their siblings. Drinks were available but everyone behaved themselves.

It was loud, stuffy, crowded, and of course, they were running behind, BUT we still got such a kick out of seeing him perform on a real stage. He did an amazing job. They all did.

[caption id="attachment_3413" align="aligncenter" width="169"] Solo[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3414" align="aligncenter" width="169"] First Song[/caption]

It was hilarious to see all these kids in their grunge clothes! What a trip down memory lane. I was kicking myself for not splurging on a flannel shirt for me!

Gabe tolerated the evening well, but he was dragging by the end. The loud music took some getting used to.

I feel terrible that I forgot my camera. Luckily Tim had his camera and Ben's phone takes excellent photos, but still. Frustrating.

We'd been on the fence for a while, but after his show we decided to go ahead and let him sign up for another performance class. It's a commitment, but I've definitely seen his skills improve because he has that extra push to practice - he doesn't want to let down his crew and he wants to do well on stage.

So, we'll be right back there in about 4ish months. I can't wait!


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