Bouncy Balls

Gabe has been begging to make slime for months and months now. I kept putting him off because I didn't have the clear glue it called for and because I've heard that borax is something that really shouldn't be handled (even though slime recipes call for it.)

I finally caved and gave him a bottle of glue in his Christmas stocking. I've never seen a child so excited about glue before!

We've been learning about chemistry and how matter changes so it seemed fitting to try this recipe. I also printed off a bunch of these sheets so that they can fill one out for each experiment we do.

They were thrilled.

[caption id="attachment_3419" align="aligncenter" width="366"] Finished product![/caption]

Of course, they each had to make a batch in their favorite color. We realized that it's the type of recipe where you really do have to add ingredients in the right order! Otherwise they just don't gel.

The boys played with them for about half an hour and then threw them away and washed their hands. We'll probably make another batch someday because we really want to try the kind with glitter!


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