Mid December

This is where it gets good.

The beginning of December was a flurry of activity. I planned and hosted Tim's 40th birthday party amidst all of the usual holiday activity. After getting the tree we put it up. Then we hauled up all the tubs of Christmas decor and spread holiday cheer around the house.

We decided to place the tree in the "school room." Usually my desk is in front of the window and the boy's desks are where my desk is now. We moved the little desk and computer back to the music room and moved my desk in its place. It looks so nice I want to keep it there!

[caption id="attachment_3330" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Christmas Tree Christmas Tree[/caption]

I decided to take the extra time to pull all the decorations off of the cabinets and put Christmas decorations up in their place. This meant that decorating took more time, but oy, everything up there was so dusty and desperately needed cleaning.

Here's my budding tree collection:

[caption id="attachment_3331" align="aligncenter" width="300"]One of these things is not like the other... One of these things is not like the other...[/caption]

Yes, I took the picture without fixing the crooked tree. #lazy.

On Dec. 1 we took the boys and some friends to the St. Louis Science Center's Dr. Who-themed First Friday. The girls weren't into Dr. Who at all, but they were good sports and the kids all had a wonderful time.


Dec. 4th found us at Paul and Amanda's. They have an awesome VR set that the boys can't get enough of. I played, too, this time and it was SO fun! I can see how it could be addicting!

While walking up their driveway I saw the trashcan shift and went over to inspect. This is what greeted me:

[caption id="attachment_3326" align="aligncenter" width="169"]Well hello there! Well hello there![/caption]

It was SO CUTE!!! Oh my word. It was the most adorable thing. We watched, from inside, as he waddled across the street to the neighbor's driveway. It was hilarious. The owner was outside, car hatch open, loading things into the car and going back and forth between the vehicle and the house. That chunky little raccoon moseyed right up the driveway and into the garage. Ben ran out to give her the alert and we saw the trash panda scuttle away and up the street. I wanted to take him home.

I spent the next week cleaning around the house, party planning, decorating, and errands. On the 8th I was cleaning the front of the fridge and I noticed some tickets. I'm glad I really looked at them because they were for a show that I'd completely forgotten about!

So, on Dec. 9th, Ben and I attended an Ambassadors of Harmony show.


We were so impressed and I kept wishing the boys could be there with us because it was an amazing experience. Not only were their vocals astounding, but their love of God really shined through every word. I'm so glad we got to see that show.

Tim's 40th birthday party was on Dec. 10th. We had around 22 people here. The whole day was a flurry of activity. Ben and the boys helped a ton. We did a "favorite things" party. Legos, superheros, Dr. Who, cats, photography, board games, Simpsons, Star Wars...It was like every 10-year-old boy's birthday party thrown together in one.

We made a donut cake, Mt. Dew ice cream, and sliders. Karen made a big pot of soup. Various friends brought oatmeal cream pies, covered pretzels, M&Ms, corn chips and hummus. People stayed late and we just talked and talked. Such a good time.

On the 13th and 14th my mom came up to hang out. She had two days off. She works 3rd shift so it's hard to spend time with her. We did crafty stuff on Tuesday and thrift store hopping on Wednesday. It was really nice to spend time with her. We always have a good time.

Also, on the 13th, I met up with the bestie to chat over coffee and exchange gifts. I hate that we don't see each other as often as I'd like. I got lazy because we were seeing each other every Wednesday at coop. Anyway, she gave me a whole box of cute, crafty things including some washi tape! I see a new obsession in my future. I've already washi-ed several things.

On the evening of the 14th was the last meeting of the women's Bible study I've been participating in. I've really, really enjoyed it and feel like I could write a whole post just on what we studied and learned. The interesting thing is that I ended up not learning much from the study itself, but the study prompted me to dig further and figure out some things. It was a book about Biblical marriage. I was disappointed with a lot of what the author was saying because her examples were poorly supported by Scripture. She cherry-picked verses from the Bible, ignore context, etc. This had me digging into the Bible on my own and discovering some surprising things. It forced me to think more about women's roles in society, church, and marriage. It's been quite a journey.

This weekend will be busy again, but it's a good kind of busy. I'm so looking forward to these next couple of weeks. #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear.


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