My Thoughts On: President Trump

Wow, that feels really weird to type.

We weren't excited about either political candidate and weren't wracked with terror or joy at the thought of either of them taking office so we went to bed on time last night. Luke was very interested in the whole thing so we switched back and forth between news stations last night for a bit, but then we called it a night. I really expected Clinton to win and was so surprised to see the poll results this morning.

Of course, the results are all anyone can talk about today. It's interesting to see how people are responding. Some are delirious with joy and are claiming this as God's will and God's victory. Others are stunned, angry, and incredulous - surely the world is going to end.

This is what I typed in a forum and I thought I'd share it here.

"My boys are older and we talk politics a lot, but we also put our faith in God. We strongly believe that we as individuals have the ability and responsibility to make our world a better place and can do that in a million ways big and small every day of our life. Yes it's nice when our leaders are moral and upright and that's worth working toward, but it isn't always possible and we'll be okay either way. I hate seeing kids get so worked up (and adults) because it really makes me question whether or not they understand how much power they have to change the world at a grass-roots level. They are giving that power away and choosing (or being taught) to live in fear."

I know many Christians have been proclaiming Trump as a man of God and an agent of change. I hope they know that now that he's elected the world is watching more than ever. We have a "Christian" as President along with a Republican-controlled House and Senate. So big changes are come for the US, right? Right? Let's hope so.

As for me and my house, we'll continue to do whatever we can right here and now where God has placed us. We'll continue working in our community and serving our God and putting our words into action whenever and wherever possible. I only wish so many who have expended so much energy on behalf of this "Christian" many would do the same.


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