Bank Field Trip

Yesterday we toured the First Community Credit Union with our homeschool co-op. The woman in charge of education has been teaching weekly at our co-op and Gabe has learned so much!

We got to look at the coin counting machine, which was really neat. She opened it up for the kids and they saw how the coins are counted and where they end up.

Next, we headed back to the drive-thru. We watched as a customer came in and made a deposit. The kids took turns sending stuff through the tubes.

Then we headed back to the vault. The manager even opened the vault and showed the kiddos what they store in there. She showed them the differences between a stack of old $100 bills and a stack of new. Then, they showed us all of the safety features of the bill and we talked about counterfeiting for a bit.

Next, we stood behind the tellers as another customer came it to withdraw money. They have nifty machines that dispense the money and they have to triple-count all the cash they handle and keep track of every penny.

Before we left, they gave the kids free goody bags and some popcorn. Each child received a $1 coin.

Everyone was so friendly and kind and they didn't blink twice when the kids got excited and maybe, perhaps, a bit too loud.

After the tour, we all headed over to a nearby park and had lunch. The teacher sent the kids on a nature scavenger hunt while the moms sat and chatted.

I wasn't sure about the co-op when we signed up. Homeschool groups can be clicky. Most people are friendly, but they don't want to be your friend, if that makes sense. They are usually very busy and have their little circle already and just don't have the time/energy for anyone else. As an introvert I get that, but it can be really frustrating as an outsider trying to get in.

This group has been very open and welcoming - probably because this is only their second year and everyone is sort of finding their way/place. Luke's already hit it off with some of the kids his age and I have high hopes for him really establishing some friendships.


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