Settling In

Well, we're home now. And just starting to feel settled.

I've decided that, if at all possible, we'll be taking our vacations in May again. That's when we took our previous two trips and it worked well as far as weather and beating the crowds. The downside was that Luke was involved in a performance class at Dayspring and they balked at him being gone for two weeks right before performance. I totally understood that and thought moving this vacation to August would work just as well.

The weather was still perfect and the crowds still low, but MAAAAN has it been hard getting back into things. After a May vacation, we would come home and have the whole summer stretched out in front of us. With our August trip it was the opposite. We had to jump right back in with two feet. I may or may not have had an ugly breakdown one day. Not pretty.

Our first week of school was pathetic. It was a short week due to Labor Day, and we got very little done. I had several incomplete Junior Ranger books that the boys finished and we had co-op and music. That was it.

This week I'm actually prepared, though! I moved the rest of the old schoolwork downstairs into storage and I have all my lesson plans completed, printouts ready, folders relabeled, etc.

Let's do this thing!


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