Random Reads: The Last One, Eligible, and Living Your Strengths

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva was one of those can't-put-it-down books. The first one in a long while, for me. I'm usually pretty good about being able to guess the ending or who-dunnit, but this one really had me going. It was a bit gruesome in places and intense in others.

It's about a woman who joins the cast of a Survivor-type reality show. She and the other contestants know that the show's budget is huge and that there'll be a twist, but she didn't see it being like this. She's suddenly all alone. No other contestants, no host, no more clues. She strikes out on her own and is confronted with staged (?) death scenes. Determined not to quit she presses on. As new developments arise she begins to doubt what is real and what is part of the show. Is this all a game or has everyone she knows died of a mysterious illness?

Read it.


Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

I love Jane Austen. I've read all of her books and I don't mind new adaptions (book or film). When my book club chose this modern retelling, I was hoping to really like it. Or at least not hate it.


The one thing I liked is that I think it helps modern readers understand the personality of the characters better. Mr. Bennet's indifference to...well, basically everyone and everything, Mrs. Bennet's silly and neurotic nature, and Kitty and Lydia's truly appalling, immature, and embarrassing behavior.

Other than that, it's okay for a beach read. Or, if you're an Austen Fan, just to say you've read it. This takes Austenland's place for "worst adaption."



Living Your Strengths

Easy read and great if you enjoy taking personality quizzes and discovering your strengths and weaknesses. There was some great info in here and I actually wouldn't mind owning this book to refer back to now and then. Practical and straightforward.



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