July Catch-Up

And all of the sudden, it's August!

This is always an interesting time because there's this whole back-to-school vibe in the air, for those tho go to school and those who homeschool, alike. In fact, I know a LOT of homeschoolers who start even earlier than those who go to school.

Not us.

We're a not-even-gonna-think-about-it-until-Labor-Day family.

We have a whole month left! Which is perfect and sorely needed because this summer has been flying by at the speed of light.

Here's what we've been up to...

  • 4th of July (see previous post)

  • Ben took the boys to see Finding Dory (they liked it but weren't gaga over it)

  • Family bike ride with Karen and Don

  • Skyzone with the Smiths (Dayspring friends)

  • Production Team potluck out in the country

  • Ben and Luke rode in the Tour of Belleville with Karen and Don

  • Geoff, Gen, and the kiddos dropped by on their way back home to CO. We didn't get to see them even a little, but I'm still counting it.

  • VBS. This was an awesome surprise. Luke is now too old for the VBS they used to attend and I didn't even bother to look around for anything else. Some friends mentioned their VBS which goes up to age 12. It was all day, 9-4, M-F. The boys had a blast!

  • I got to visit my sweet little nephew, Grant.

  • My Making Peace with Your Past class started.

  • We officially signed up for classes at a local co-op.

  • The boys were sick the week after VBS.

  • I finally found a good hairdresser and got my first really good hair cut in a long time.

  • Attended an impromptu DCI viewing party up at Ben's office which was really fun!

  • Luke attended guitar camp.

  • Two of Luke's friends were able to come over and they all played Minecraft. Did you know entire conversations could be held using only one word?

"DU-UDE!" (You just shot me!)

"Dude?" (What? Me? Did I do that?)

"Dude!" (Yes, that was you. Now I'm dead. Thanks.)

"Dude." (Opps, sorry. My bad.)


  • My sister, Anna, came over and brought her electric guitar. She and Luke had fun just playing around and talking guitars and music.

  • Game night with Paul and Amanda (and lots of playing with puppies)

  • A day out at the river.

Add in church, music lessons, chiro appts, and lots of volunteering at the thrift store and that pretty much sums up our July!


  1. We made blog fame! My life is now complete! ;)

    I want to see your haircut!


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