The Rocket's Red Glare

We went from having insanely hot weather to rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain. Our grass sorely needed it so I'll refrain from complaining, but it did put a damper (womp womp) on our holiday celebrations.

On Saturday we went over to Ben's office to watch the city's fireworks display. Because of the drizzling rain they started the show 10 minutes early and then I guess they panicked and decided they'd better hurry and finish up so they rushed the last of the show and it was a bunch of non-stop fireworks, all right on top of each other. It was interesting to say the least.

On Sunday Ben took the boys to see Finding Dory. They all really enjoyed the movie. I usually hang back because I'm a princess and only like the fancy reclining theater seats. I know they'll want to watch it again when it's released to DVD so I'll see it then.

We spent Monday afternoon over at Paul and Amanda's. As soon as she opened the front door there were two little puppy faces waiting expectantly at the top of the stairs. Oh my, the cuteness!

We got home right as it was getting dark. Tim had bought some of the really big (and really loud) fireworks. He set them off one by one to take pictures. It was our own private show.

Fireworks2 Fireworks3 Fireworks4 Fireworks1

You know how loud those big ones can be? Try standing right under one as it's going off! Whew-eee! What a blast. We're not ones to spend money on fireworks, but next year we may go in on a few of these big guys.

It was was a fairly tame weekend, but it was still good. We're grateful for our independence and for the men and women who fought to make this unique nation what it is. I only hope that we can turn our nation back to that which was so hard won. I don't think we're too far gone. I think there's still hope. If not our generation, then the next.



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