Luke is 12!

Poor Luke! LOL. We really did celebrate his birthday this year. You just wouldn't know it by the pictures I took. Or didn't take.

Last year we did a big to-do for his birthday and this year I just didn't have it in me. We gave him the option of cash or a big birthday party and he chose the cash (for a guitar, of course). We still have family out and I'll usually let him invite a friend or two, but I just wasn't up to a big party. We invited family, had cake, ice-cream, and gifts, and that was that.

He got some neat accessories for his bike, lots of cash, and some neat tinker toy-type sets.

He was able to get his guitar and loves it. His old guitar is for sale and as soon as it sells he's going to take the money from that, along with the rest of his money, and buy a bass guitar.

Music obsessed much?

Of all of the things for him to be obsessed with, this one is fine with me.

[caption id="attachment_2943" align="aligncenter" width="247"]Luke. 3 months old. Luke. 3 months old.[/caption]

I'll just leave this here....


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