Family Bike Ride

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="232"] "Ever take it off any sweet jumps?"[/caption]

I don't ride bikes often.

Correction. I never ride bikes.

Correction. I used to ride all the time as a kid, but only once since becoming an adult.

After Luke got his new bike, and I'd hopped on to try it, it occurred to me that the reason I didn't (or thought I didn't) like riding is because I'd never had a bike that fit me. I'm short and they were always too tall and I couldn't stop without crashing. It was terrifying!

Ben and Luke are doing a bike ride this Friday with Karen and Don. They wanted to get some riding in so Don said he'd bring his trailer and bikes over. I usually don't bother riding because I don't have a bike and because Gabe doesn't know how to ride a bike yet and can only do 1 lap on his scooter before pooping out.

Don had a solution for that:

I'd never seen anything like that! Ben hooked it up to his bike and Gabe was able to ride along and practice pedaling.

So one problem solved.

I still didn't have a bike, but Don had an extra. I was skeptical that it would fit me. It was close, but I still wasn't comfortable.

Don had a solution for that, too.

He'd also brought along a girl's bike. Perfect fit!

It was also purple so double score.

We loaded it all up and met over at Route 66 park. It was pretty muggy out, but we still got 3 laps in and enjoyed ourselves. Ben was exhausted by the tagalong bike, which meant that he tired at the same rate as the rest of us instead of feeling like he had to quit way early.

I had a blast and cannot wait to go out again!

I cracked myself up, though. Here I was wobbling along on a girl's purple bike that had been sitting in storage for years. It was in good condition, but the brakes were insanely loud! You know the typical screeching brake sound? Errrrrrrrrrrr! Yup, that was me. It sounded like a small car was slamming on the brakes every time I turned a corner.

"Comin' in hot!"


I really had a good time though and have already been scouring Craigslist for used bikes. In purple, of course.



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