Health Post 6/1/16

It was right about a year ago that this happened. I was diagnosed with Lyme and a couple of other infections. I started treatment right away.

The months dragged on. I could tell things were happening though. I was warned that it would get worse before it got better and it did. My body was working and fighting.

As I continued the treatment I gradually began to feel better. I've grown back all my hair, I'm regular without trying, I sleep well, I no longer have joint pain, and I've been able to lose some weight!

It's to the point now where I take: JuicePlus vitamins, cod liver oil, digestive enzymes with each meal, and adrenal supplements. And that's it on a daily basis!! This is a huge deal for me because I've been taking all of these things for years now, but with a bunch of other stuff added on just so I could hobble along each day. To be done with all of that is a huge blessing. And much easier on our bank account.

Well, actually, I guess that's not quite true. I worked through the Lyme, giardia and candida and have tested negative for all three. So that's all over and done with. But, months ago, I had several people send me an article about Epstein Barr and how so many people have it and don't know it, etc, etc. I asked Dr. J to test me for that, too and she said she'd go ahead and test me for everything she could. (That may sound over-the-top and dramatic, but when you've had one bacterial infection it weakens your immune system and it's more common than not to have several infections at once. When your immune system is weak it's easy for lots of yuck to take hold.)

Anyway, I don't have Epstein Barr, but I did test positive for 4 other things. Two of which are related to liver. My liver is still a bit sluggish so we decided to work on the worst of the 4 and then retest. So I am currently working through one treatment. Possibly more in the future. I think it's beneficial to work through everything that I can, but I don't feel a sense of urgency like I did before. Anything else, at this point, is icing on the cake.

So what would I like to see? I'd like to continue losing weight. We're on a sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free diet so that shouldn't be holding me back. I'm walking and rebounding every day. I don't care if I'm a size 2 again, but I do think that when a person is "doing everything right" and can't lose weight then that's a signal that something is still off. My guess is that it's connected to my liver. I hope that as I continue to care for my body and eliminate bacterial infections my liver will grow stronger and will be able to do what it was made to do.

Energy is still an issue. It's gotten much better. When life is humming along I'm good. But if we have one really late night or a series of late-ish nights, then I really feel it. If I exercise too much I feel it. I hope that I'll feel energetic and bursting with vitality some day. A girl can dream, right?

I'm working with Dr. J on an experimental allergy elimination. It incorporates NAET techniques. It's free for me to participate in. I can't say that I've seen any changes, but it helps her out and I can't see any harm in it.

Overall, I'm so blessed and relieved to be over the worst of it. There were many months there when I really wasn't sure that healing would be possible. It got a lot worse before it got better and while I'd like to keep improving, I can honestly say that I'm also thrilled to be where I'm at and if it never gets better than I'm still deeply grateful.

I'm hopeful and looking forward to whatever the next year brings me!


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