Catch Up

This month has zoomed along!

  • Luke has been going swimming with a friend. We've been praying for friends for him so he's been thrilled.

  • The boys and I all got new glasses. We got insurance again so we went to Pearle Vision. Honestly, I think it's a joke. I'm not certain we saved any money at all and it took 3 hours. We'd been going to Costco and they rock. So I'm not sure we'll keep the insurance and I'm seriously considering trying a to order a pair of glasses from EyeBuyDirect or one of those places. Or going back to Costco.

  • Gabe attended a birthday party at the Magic House. He was invited by a girl at Dayspring. We don't really know her family, but I thought it was sweet that she thought of him and I wanted to meet her parents so we went. They were really lovely people, but we didn't know anyone else there!! Awkward. He did really well though and participated in all of the activities which is a really big deal for my little introvert.

  • We ended back up at the Magic House to play in their huge sand pit. Gabe doesn't love getting dirty so he was a bit whiny, but Luke enjoyed himself and I got to chat with one of my book club buddies a bit more.

  • Speaking of Book Club, several of us went to see Me Before You in the theater. We'd read the book about a year ago and it was well liked by everyone. I'm not sure that I would have liked the movie if I hadn't read the book. They had to leave out so many of the details that gave it depth. It ended up feeling like a Lifetime Original Movie. Oy.

  • I've been loving my Bible Study! Next Monday is our last meeting! I think I'm going to like attending these shorter Bible studies. It gives me a little break. I know a lot of people are busy every night of the week, but we are not those people.

  • I had a long overdue girl's night with my three best friends from highschool. We had such a nice time. Got to Bread Co at 6 and didn't leave until 11:30ish. We shut it down, then moved to the parking lot. We probably would have stood out there talking even longer, but a homeless guy started digging through the garbage cans and we were out there all by ourselves so we called it a night.

  • That was probably for the best because the very next morning I was up at 5:45 so I could start volunteering! Our church has a thrift store that sells everything for 25 cents. The boys and I toured it and I spoke to the director and it turns out that the area she needs the most help is pretty much what I was born to do! Well, maybe that's a bit much, but seriously. She was desperate for help sorting and I think that's the best job every. Every bag is like Christmas. Except more dust, cat hair, and musty odor, but so much fun.

We've had a few other things going on, but I'll post about those separately! Pinky promise!



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