Purina Farms with Friends

This has been a busy week.

Originally, I was planning to finish school during this week. We have a end-of-the-year project to finish for health, were going through the Times Tales DVD and worksheets,  and we have a few pages to finish up for one of our Jr. Ranger Badges.

I knew Tiza was going to be here, but she loves to craft and color so I envisioned her crafting while we worked. No such luck!

On Monday, she and Gabe played all day. They both have amazing imaginations and had an awesome time playing together. They dumped all the blankets and pillows in one room to create an island. All of the other rooms were various oceans. It was so cool to see them play that I couldn't bring myself to tear them apart.

Tuesday wasn't any better. We had to run the recycling down to the recycling center. It was SO full and overflowing. Then we had books to drop off at the library. After that, we went straight to the park to hang out with friends and other homeschoolers. It was warm so the kids were totally spent after that.

Int the evening my cousin, his wife, and their 3 kids came over to hang out a bit. The kids all played, we talked way too long, and then it was well past bedtime!

On Wednesday we met up with some co-op friends at Purina Farms. I forgot how beautiful it is out there. Everything is maintained perfectly. The attendant at the gate was so warm and friendly.

Our friends arrived and we tailgated our lunch. Then we went straight over to the dog show. The show was great, as usual. The dogs are so talented!

PF-Dog-Show-Frisbee-Catch PF-Dog-Show-Splash

After the show, we walked through the Pet Center. We loved looking at the cats and dogs. I must have heard the phrase, "Can we get a dog?" a million and a half times.

After a quick bathroom stop we ended up in the barn. They had a rabbit, a chicken, and two adorable pigs out to pet. The kids were besides themselves. Of course there were horses, cows, sheep, and lots of other critters to look at, too.

PF-Tiza-and-chicken PF-Moo PF-Fluffy-Bunnies PF-Chicken

Finally, they played up in the loft. They really had a blast up there in all the tunnels. They played tag and chased each other around. They probably did that for a good half an hour before they were tired and thirsty.

[caption id="attachment_2861" align="aligncenter" width="200"]PULL! PULL![/caption]

Confession: I left Tiza behind. Accidentally, of course. I told her that we were going and then walked over to my friend. While she was corralling her two-year-old, the kids took off, in a pack, down the winding ramp. We tagged along after them. Down below, they broke up again - some to get drinks, some to pet the pigs again, some to look at the displays. It was a full 10 minutes until I realized that I didn't see Tiza. Luke said, casually, "Oh, she didn't want to come down so she hid back in the tubes." Grr. Could you have mentioned that earlier!? A nice lady was bringing her down as I was heading up. Tiza wasn't pleased.

The rest of the day went smoothly and without incident. Whew.

We had a wonderful day. The weather was perfect. There was hardly anyone there because of rain earlier in the day. Our friends had never been to Purina Farms so this was a great first experience.


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