Puppy Love

I really love other people's dogs.

We'll probably never own a dog. Ben is allergic to them which is good enough reason right there. On top of that, though, is just all of the extra work that comes with having a dog. Out of the four of us, I know who would be doing the bulk of that extra work. No thank you.

That's why I prefer dogs that belong to other people. I love Zeus, Chelsea and Nate's dog. He's a gorgeous Great Pyrenees. I think he's amazing. Now I have another dog to love.

[caption id="attachment_2870" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Ada and Gabe Ada and Gabe[/caption]

Paul and Amanda brought home a sweet little pup. Her name is Ada and she has two modes: frenetic spaz and asleep. I tried to get a picture of her when she was awake and it resulted in nothing but a bunch of blurred pics.

She's a mini Australian Shepherd, has one blue eye and one brown, and has the softest fur imaginable. She's a doll.

Gabe fell pretty hard for her.

We get to visit with Paul and Amanda several times a month so I'm glad the boys will sort of have the chance of spending time with and growing up with these pups. It'll be good for them. And less work for me.


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