IKEA Trip 5/16

We realized yesterday that the boys hadn't been to the St. Louis IKEA! We needed some replacement parts for our shoe cabinet anyway so we headed out to do some shopping.

But first, we made a stop at Guitar Center.

Put this kid in a store filled with musical instruments and he's in heaven. He spent an hour there and still had to be dragged out.

[caption id="attachment_2866" align="aligncenter" width="169"]HEAVEN HEAVEN[/caption]


We arrived at IKEA and ate lunch. Then, finally, it was time to shop.

The boys had so much fun. They love exploring each room and looking into all the drawers and cabinets. I find it amusing how much they enjoy the kitchens. I mean, we have all of those things at home. In our kitchen. They sure don't find it interesting when at home.

We only picked up a few things.

New glasses:

Boring. Most of their drinking glasses were boring, actually. At least the simple glasses. I liked another design better, but they were very small. Only 8 ounce. At least these are inexpensive and very thick.

Luke got two of these in green and Gabe got two in blue:

I've worked hard, over the years, to eliminate plastic in our house, but the boy's dishes were one of the last holdouts. I don't really know why. They eat off of our regular plates and from our regular bowls. I cleaned out their cabinet and disposed of all the plastic so a lot of their cups had to go. I was thrilled to see these today. They are glass and they came in blue and green. They need to be color coded so that they stick with the same glass all day long. Perfect.

I also purchased two of these pillow covers. I have some in light green, but all of my spring/summer decor is this shade of green. I was thrilled to find these. It's the little things.

I also picked up two of these frames:

Two years ago (!!) on vacation at Disney, we had caricatures drawn of the boys. They turned out great and we've been saying that we need to get them framed, but I've just never put any effort into it. Well, no more! I finally dug them out, measured them, and was able to find these frames.

(A note about IKEA picture frames: they are cheap for a reason. They have the kind of backs that really don't do well if you're wanting to swap out artwork/pictures on a regular basis. I don't purchase their frames for my niece/nephew school photos, for instance. For something more permanent, though, they are great. The frame above is simple, but it does have the ability to look/act more like a shadow box. And it come with the mat.)

Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to IKEA if we didn't end up buying a few things that weren't on our list.

These bandages, for instance, were a cool find. They aren't packaged in a box, but a bag. So they're flat. Easy to store.

Oh, and last, but not least, these veggie balls:

Normally, I wouldn't look twice at something like this because I'd assume it is full of soy. Processed soy is a total no-go here. While we were eating lunch, though, Ben read through the placards on the table and saw that these are gluten free and soy free. I made some up to take to a BBQ today and they are GOOD! And I like how, when you bite into one, you can actually see bits and pieces of real veggies. It's not just a ball of mush. It's like, huh, there's some corn, and a bit of carrot, and some leafy green stuff. Nice. To me, they taste like chicken pot pie without the gravy.

So, that was it for our trip. Nothing amazing. We didn't want/need to spend much, just needed to pick up a few things. It was a nice way to spend a couple hours and free coffee is always a bonus. :)



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