I Tried It and I Liked It: Beauty Counter

When I was younger, I loved dressing up and longed for the day I could wear make-up. My mom, on the other hand, wasn't having it. She had never been much of a make-up wearer. This, of course, only added to the allure.

I remember playing with make-up at a friend's home. She had alll kinds (even though her dad forbid it to be worn outside the house) and we would spend hours applying make-up and trying new (horrendous - it was the early 90s) hairstyles. Bliss.

I've never been one to wear obvious make-up, but I sure did own a lot of it. I just sort of collected it. And then never parted with it. Add in my stint with all powdered mineral make-up that had a tendency to make a mess everywhere and it was, well, a mess.

My recent purging-of-stuff finally forced me to face my make-up monster. I decided to be ruthless. I pitched some things that I've held on to for over 10 years!! It didn't hurt as much as I'd feared. It felt good to let it go, actually.

So what did I keep?

For my eyes, I kept this Urban Decay Naked2. It has all the colors I need and then some. It's rated a '2' on EWG.

Mary Kay's mascara. A 4 on EWG.

I've also been using a cheapy blush. I don't recall what brand and I'm too lazy to get up and look.

I started thinking of all of this because I just (finally!) ran out of the foundation I'd been using. I chose it because it was supposed to be healthy. I hated it. Like, HATED it. It's like a liquid powder. It gave good coverage, but it was too chalky which is not a good look for maturing skin. Yuck. But the biggest frustration was the packaging. It leaked. Like, seeped put from under the lid and had to be wiped down constantly. It was a nightmare when travelling. No love here. I only stuck with it because it's not cheap.


Which brings me to now. A lady in my holistic mom's group is a Beauty Counter rep. I'd read good things about it from the other moms and saw that it had a low EWG rating of 2 so I decided to take the leap. Love it.


I also grabbed one of these lip sheers. It has a rating of 1 at EWG! It's such a nice color and smooth texture and it smells like vanilla. I love it so much!


Their make-up isn't cheap, but since I know how long it lasts me and how clean it is compared to other brands, I'll be upgrading my blush and mascara in the future. Hopefully. Maybe for Christmas. ;)





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