Weekly Update 4/30/16

I'm ready to be done with school for the year. I think I'm struggling more than the boys at this point! Well, not much longer, thankfully!

We're done with math for the year and we only have a couple of Presidents to go for social studies. The boys will each be making a personal health book that will serve as a review for all we've learned about health. Both boys finished LA early so I started them on new books, but we'll just stop when everything else peters out.

Classes at Dayspring are finishing up at the end of the month with the finale falling on the first weekend of June.

We'll continue music lessons through summer because it's basically what Luke lives for at this point. He practices guitar and keyboard for hours a day. I did decide to have him take lessons somewhere else, though. We were driving for half an hour because the lessons were so inexpensive, but the prices have been raised twice now and we found out on Wednesday that the local place gives lessons for the same price as we're now paying. It'll cut my drive time in half!

On Wednesday we'll be checking out a co-op in our area. I'm excited about it because I've been a part of the FB group for about a month and I'm loving the classes they offer. I think it really shows promise and I love that it's so close. I'd honestly love to do that instead of Dayspring next year, but Luke loves the Acting Skills class so much that I don't have the heart to pull him out.

Hmmm, what else?

I'm feeling pretty good about the curriculum I want to use next year. I just need to decide if I want to use Life of Fred on it's own again or if I want to throw in Saxon, as well.  Thankfully I have some time to decide!


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