After working ourselves raw last weekend, moving a whole load of dirt around the yard, it rained. Hard. Stormed, is more like it. Hail, crazy winds, branches down, etc. At one point I looked out back and an 8ft wide river of mud was running across the driveway. I wanted to cry.

The next morning we scraped and shoveled up as much of the mud as we could an put it back where it belonged. Then we dammed up that area so that the next rain wouldn't do more of the same. It was too gloppy to do anything else.

It stormed again but this time it wasn't as violent and the dam did it's job. We knew it was supposed to rain again Saturday but weren't sure exactly what we could do since there wasn't enough time to dry everything out.

We debated back and forth and finally decided to pick up a pallet of sod yesterday. I noticed that the weather report was now calling for rain on Friday evening instead of Saturday as was originally predicted. I picked the boys up at 2:30 and we headed straight home. Ben pulled in right behind me with the sod and we changed clothes and got to work.

First, we had to pick up all the rocks the rain had exposed. Then we had to shovel and rake the dirt back into place to cover all the gullies the storm had produced. It was exhausting!! One pallet wasn't near enough to cover all the bare spots, but it was good enough to get the areas most in danger of washing away.

Laying sod is heavy, back-breaking work, but it's so satisfying, too! It really makes a difference and fast! Of course, our yard looks even weirder now, for the time being, because it's so haphazard, but it rained again last night and everything looks good. No more gullies!

As soon as the garden area dries up - it's a shin-deep mud pit right now - we'll get another pallet and do that as well. Then, finally, I'll be able to plant. Hang in there vegetables, it won't be much longer!!


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