Might as Well

It dawned on me today that the reason I'm so productive has less to do with me being awesome and more with me being scatterbrained.

My adult (and less fun) version of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" goes like this...

I'm cleaning the kitchen and spot the bowl of scraps on the counter. "Might as well take this out to the compost," I think to myself.

I carry the scraps outside and see the coop. I notice two banana peels peaking out from the bowl and think about how delighted the girls would be with their favorite snack. "Might as well take a little detour to the coop."

While at the coop, I notice their food is low and, heck, it only makes sense to top off the water bowl to boot. You know, "Might as well."

There's a new bush that I planted just a couple of feet away. I look at the water jug in my hand and think, "Might as well water that plant since I'm down this way."

The water jug is now empty and I know how much I hate it when I'm in a rush to feed and water the chickens only to realize I need to tote water. I haul both water jugs up to the garage and fill them. "Might as well."

Finally, the chickens are taken care of so I go to scoop up my bowl of scraps when I realize the extra feed bowls are still stacked in the yard nearby. It will only take a minute to pick them up and stash them where they belong in the shed just behind me. "Might as well."

Satisfied that my work by the coop is done, I carry the bowl of scraps to the compost pile and dump them on top. I notice something weird sticking out from the hole in the tree nearby. What in the world could it be? I stop to investigate. Find a stick. Poke foreign object with the stick. Oh, it's just a oddly-shaped leaf. Nothing to see here.

Back on track.

I carry the bowl toward the house. As I walk past my rose bush I can't help but stop and admire how large it's grown. Oh my, where in the world did all those weeds come from? I stoop down and begin plucking them out of the bed. "Might as well."

I suddenly notice the time on my watch. How in the world is it almost time to start dinner? How long have I been out here anyway?! I grab my scrap bowl and hurry to the house. I set the bowl on the counter, begin to pull ingredients from the fridge. Wait, is that a tomato back there? All shriveled and sad looking? Eh, while I'm here I'll go ahead and grab it to toss in the scrap bowl. "Might as well."


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