Gabe's 9th Birthday

Gabe is 9.


Oh my.

My cousin's baby was born on the first! And, like Gabe, she was quite the little prankster. She took it further than Gabe, though, and was born on the floor of the ER hallway! At least he was kind enough to wait until I had a room. :)

We held Gabe's party on a Sunday because yesterday Tim took Luke to ComicCon and Ben took Gabe on their annual father-and-son birthday outing.

We decided on a birthday theme, but I warned the boys that this year we were scaling back on all the decorations and hoopla. I only purchased a couple of things. Luckily, Gabe has more than enough penguin gear with which to decorate the house.

The cupcakes were easy to assemble. The kids did it themselves, actually.

Idea courtesy of Pinterest, of course.

We had a good turnout despite not inviting any friends (well, aside from the Bestie and her crew, but good as).

 I didn't get great pictures of everyone this year. It was an odd party in that people sort of trickled in and out. I forgot to formally invite the bestie - I'd given her the date to put on the calendar, but in the busyness of the month I forgot to actually give her any details. They were out and about and graciously decided to drop by anyway, but, of course, were late. Several others were late, too. Anna had to leave suddenly because Tiza was sick. Etc, etc. It wasn't until the end of the day that I realized that we never even sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. Oops.

Oh well, we all still had a good time. Gabe had a great time and was thrilled with everything he received. I also think he enjoyed decorating with his toys and stuffed animals more than anything we could have bought.

So Happy Birthday to my big 9 year old boy and many, many more to come!


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