Wardrobe Architect

I don't know how I find these things, but I do.

I stumbled upon the Wardrobe Architect series from the sewing blog, Colette, and had so much fun working my through all 14 posts. Basically, if you're wanting to get a better handle on your personal style, this is a great way to start.

Interestingly enough, I started this series one week and then started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up the very next week. Meant to be, I guess. It definitely made it easier to get rid of clothing because it was much easier to see what items were loved and fitted me well and which ones weren't doing me any favors. Adios!

I purged a great deal of clothing, some shoes, and even jewelry. I dug out all of my grandmother's and great-grandmother's costume jewelry, decided what I actually wanted to wear, and put the rest aside to distribute to other family members. Now *almost* all of the jewelry is hanging out where I can see it and easily get to it. Not surprisingly, I now wear jewelry every day!


The only things I kept hidden away are the real pearls that Ben gave me years ago (that I wear several times a year) and a few gold pieces he bought me early on. I'm not a real fan of gold, but they are dear to me and some day I'll pass them on to a grand-daughter or at least a daughter-in-law, God-willing and should they want them.

This is everything else.



It's still a lot but I really don't feel like I can get rid of any more. At least not yet. About a year ago I finally broke down and let go of all the clothes I owned that were several sizes too small, but it seems silly to get rid of anything that is just one size down. So I'm hanging on to all that, for now. In six months, if I still haven't lost any weight I'll let all of that go as well, because really, what's the point? Especially when there's someone out there who can use it.

So that's what I've been working on in the clothes department. Next post I'll show you how my bookshelves have fared!


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