March 2016 Health Update

It's been a while since I've done one of these and with good reason. My chiro warned me at the very beginning that as I worked through the homeopathic treatments I would experience a wide array of the symptoms I've experienced throughout the years. She wasn't joking.

At first it was one new symptom after another. Some would last a few days some a few weeks. Some were mild some were excruciating. But slowly, one by one, they resolved themselves and I was able to make slow, steady progress.

At my last appt I was just getting ready to finish my latest round of candida and lyme treatment and we decided to add a homeopathic cleanse. Lyme and Candida are both hard on the body (especially the liver) and even the process of killing it off is hard so it's good to do an occasional cleanse. Of course, she tested me first to see what (if anything) I actually needed so we could be sure to do it right. The cleanse was pretty mild, only causing some headaches, fatigue, and a minor acne outbreak. After two weeks my tests showed that the cleanse worked really well and I only need to continue with one product.

Overall, I am doing really well. I have been able to get off all of the supplements that I was on - and that was a LOT. I continue to take a whole food supplement, a digestive enzyme, and a probiotic, but those are things that I'll be taking forever no matter what so I'm not really counting them. Well, maybe someday I'll experiment with taking the probiotic only occasionally since I continue to eat homemade probiotic foods. We'll see.

My biggest complaint is still the inability to lose weight. It's so frustrating.

Overall I'm very, very happy with my progress. This time last year I was feeling so despondent. I only felt decent when I took all 3 billion supplements. As soon as I tried to wean off of any of them all the old symptoms came rushing back. So progress has indeed been made and I'm so grateful!

In two weeks I'll go back. We'll test again to be sure that I'm completely done with the cleanse and then she'll see if I need further Lyme or candida treatments. I'm also going to ask her to test me for a few other things, just to be sure we've got everything. If weight loss is still an issue then we'll take another look at how my adrenals and thyroid are keeping up.

There is, indeed, a light at the end of the tunnel!


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