Winter Project Number 1: Bonus Room

After being sick and sitting around for so many weeks, we had a hankering to get some projects done!

The first project was started 2 weekends ago. We have a room that will one day be turned into a home theater, but has been sitting (fairly) empty since May. The contractor left behind a bunch of buckets of paint and drywall compound and Ben's bike desk and my mini trampoline made their way in there, but that was it. Total waste of space.

Home theaters are expensive to set up so we know it will be years down the road before we can afford to do all of that. So we put our heads together and came up with a good use for it in the meantime. We cleaned out all of the trash, gave it a good vacuum, threw down some area rugs, and moved all of the Legos, musical instruments, and board games in there.

Now I don't know what we'll do when the time comes to make it into a home theater.


[caption id="attachment_2549" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Board Game Obsession Board Game Obsession [/caption]

Of course, all of that cleaning and moving led us to do a good bit of purging. Going through things and reorganizing the shelves that were left behind in the basement kept me busy for a good week. Once we pack up all of our Goodwill goodies and haul them out, our basement will be the cleanest it's been since...we moved in. Four and a half years ago. Yikes.

Anyway, we're so glad to have this area cleaned up and organized and actually usable. The boys are enjoying the fact that they can play with their Legos without having to brave the cold basement and I love that all of the board games are easily accessible and neat and tidy! And the only thing we had to buy were the Lego containers which were on sale at Costco. We already had everything else. So $24 and some elbow grease was all it took to transform this room into a trashy catch-all to a usable room. Woohoo!


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