December 4, 2015

Photo Challenge Day 4: Shopping


Lovely picture, no? Just keeping it real.

Advent Day 4: The Holy Bible

Advent-Bible-Day-4Funny story; Ben accidentally vacuumed up the spool of sparkly thread (seen above) so we were driving ourselves crazy looking for it. We figured it had rolled off the table and that maybe one of the cats had batted it around. It had been out of the craft closet for a whole 10 minutes so we didn't think it could have gone far, but couldn't find it for the life of us. We're down on our knees searching under everything, I'm having to take deep breaths not to blow up because I was certain it was knocked off by the boys goofing around and gosh-darn-why-does-a-simple-fun-family-activity-have-to-be-so-darn-hard. Then Ben emptied the vacuum and found it. Whew. Crisis averted.

Everyone wrote something meaningful to them on the pages of their little Bibles. It'll be a sweet keepsake, for sure.


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