December 2015 Photo Challenge: The Rest of the Photos

My poor photo challenge.

I struggled from the beginning seeing how December is so busy, but I was determined to see it through. Unfortunately, on the 22nd, Gabe got sick. He ran a fever for the next four or five days. On Christmas Eve, he perked up a bit. We walked over to Karen's for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange. He ate well and excitedly opened his gifts, but quickly grew tired and ended up asking to go home and go to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night wracked with fever and chills and body aches and pretty well stayed that way for the next few days. Yesterday was the first day I felt like really seeing anyone. Otherwise, we've pretty well hunkered down and home. No parties, no get-togethers, no fancy meals. It's been a quiet holiday.

Gabe's completely better and I'm almost there so now we'll have to catch up.

Without further ado...

Day 13: Lights

My mom gave us a bunch of these lights when we first got married. I love putting them in our windows every year. They're still going strong all these years later!

Day 14: Service

I didn't take my camera for this one, but we helped stuff bags for prisoners. 1200 bags were stuffed in just over an hour! It was a whirlwind, but it was fun and we're told the prisoners really, really appreciate the gift bags.

Day 15: Ornament

[caption id="attachment_2522" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Yosemite Yosemite[/caption]

Day 16: Mistletoe

No picture for this one. I honestly don't know where to even find mistletoe!


Day 17: Silent Night

Another no picture day. Luke originally wanted to learn Silent Night on the guitar, but didn't get very far on it and ended up only having 2 music lessons this month so I let it slide.

Day 18: Santa

I love this sweet letter explaining Santa to a child. I wish I'd done this with the boys.


Day 19: Cookie


Tiza was here on Wednesday (Anna dropped her off Tuesday before Gabe's fever started). The kids and I made up two batches of gluten-free, dairy-free cookies. They all did such a good job measuring, mixing, and decorating. We were done in no time flat!

Since we're talking about Christmas cookies, I had to mention Trader Joe's gluten-free peppermint Joe-Joes. They are amazing!


Day 20: Candy Cane

Photo-Challenge-Day-20-Candy-CanThis book came highly recommended to me. We read it along with the other Christmas books we have and it was cute, but not quite the amazing store I'd been told. Huh. Maybe they confused it with another book? Oh well. Cute story and the pictures were well done.


Day 21: Party

LOLOLOLO. There were no parties for us! If roads are open we may get together with Paul and Amanda and Chelsea and Nate tomorrow night.


Day 22: Surprise

This is out of order, I guess, but it was a great surprise. Just one of those awesome gifts that are so perfect. Ben's mom gave me this:

I love it!

Erica also gave me a gratitude journal that she'd assembled herself. I love these types of things. I made use of both of them already since I had so much down time on my hands.

Day 23: Stocking

I try to stick to white and silver for most of my Christmas decorations and my stockings are no exception.


The boys have never seemed to mind until this year. I think next year I'll get them themed stockings and hang them in their rooms.

Day 24: Tradition

I think I've posted about all of our traditions already. The only one left is the big Christmas breakfast. That's the only big meal I do that day. We usually go all out and set a nice table with a tablecloth and the china. It's so fun. It didn't happen this year, but maybe I'll do it one Saturday morning just for the heck of it.

Day 25: The Reason for the Season

Because of Him, there is no such thing as a "bad Christmas."


Day 26: White

Ha! No white for us. Only lots and lots of gray.

Day 27: Weather

I believe this has been covered!

Day 28: Pajamas

Gabe received these adorable penguin pajamas for Christmas.

Day 29: Snowman

I scoured my Christmas decorations and there isn't a single snowman, if you can believe it!

Day 30: Food

Food was a sad affair since I was sick. However, Ben did feel industrious one night. I found this tutorial on how to make amazing baked chicken. Boy howdy. It was awesome! This is the method I'll use from now on.

Day 31: Resolution/Goal

Well, that will be a separate post. I do want to put together a vision board this year. I've had several people recommend them and it seems right up my alley. I've already been thinking of some specific things I'd like to accomplish this year so I'll put the board together over the weekend. I cannot wait.

And a photo challenge will likely not be on the list.



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