Thanksgiving 2015

My sweet niece spent the night on Tuesday. Yesterday, after Chels, Nate, and their dog-that-looks-like-a-polar-bear left the house, I sat down with the kids to do this adorable Thanksgiving craft.

The boys did a decent job. It breaks my heart, but they are not crafty. Tiza did an amazing job, though. I wish I'd taken a picture. She labored over her little gratitude book for hours.

[caption id="attachment_2455" align="aligncenter" width="411"]Gratitude Books Gratitude Books[/caption]

Today Ben and the boys are going down to Perryville to eat Thanksgiving dinner with Ben's family. I'm staying home. I had a couple of weeks of terrible reflux/heartburn/something is lodged in my throat. Couldn't fix it no matter what I tried so I decided to go back on GAPS. It took about 3 days, but I'm better now. Unfortunately, I'm stuck on homemade soup right now. Good times.

My family is coming over for a game night tomorrow so that should be fun but low-key. I can't wait!



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