Homeschool Weekly Update 11/14/15

This week we went ahead and started on our nutrition studies.  We've been striving to eat better and make all-around healthy choices for the past several years and it dawned on me that it would be really good for the boys to understand why I have made so many changes and why I feel so strongly about those changes.

Unfortunately, good nutrition and health curriculum is difficult to find! It's the same old "Start your day off right with a big bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice!" tripe that's been upheld as sound advice for so long.

A good friend recommended Real Food Nutrition and Health via Food Renegade. I was thrilled. It's exactly what I was looking for. I've been adding in a few activities from Pinterest, videos from youtube, and documentaries from Netflix to round things out.

I was uncertain how the boys would take to it, but they are very, very interested! After yesterday's lesson they both told me they wanted to have some fruit. We had a huge salad for dinner and neither boy complained. In fact, Luke said it made him feel good that he'd eaten so healthy. Yes!!

Luke's been telling me lately that he's embarrassed by his lunches at school. I breaks my heart that my child is embarrassed by his healthy food because all of the other kids eat so poorly. Such a crazy, upside down world we live in. I told him that there are leaders and there are followers in the world and that he should be a leader. I warned both of them not to get preachy about food choices because nobody likes that, but that they should feel good about their healthy meals and hope that exposure to real food will plant some seeds of change in the kids around the table.

It has to start somewhere.


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