Homeschool Weekend Wrap-Up 11/7/15

Monday was just a regular day at home which was nice. Luke has been going at his music like crazy now that we have a keyboard and it's set up. He loves the band OneRepublic and has been learning as many of their songs as he can.

On Tuesday Ben got off of work a bit early and we all headed over to a local middle school to walk on their track. Luke needed to time himself running/walking a 1/4 mile. While we were there, we learned that that particular track is a part of a park. There are all of these little exercise stations scattered around. Placards show you how to use the equipment. We had fun doing - or at least trying to do - all of the exercises. I wasn't surprised to find that I cannot do even a single chin-up! We then headed over to a new BBQ place called Sugarfire which was really good!

We spent some time with friends on Wednesday. The bestie and her kids met up with us at the park. It was just a bit chilly, but the kids were so busy running around they didn't mind. Luke had Scouts in the pm. He's been working really hard to advance to Tenderfoot rank and was able to sign off on several requirements.

Music lessons were on Thursday. Gabe has decided that he's just not into learning an instrument. He liked the idea of drums, but doesn't have much rhythm. We've been having a really hard time finding a group or club or interest for him. He LOVES science and if we could find a science club then that would be awesome, but so far I don't know of anything like that.

Luke LOVES keyboarding and is getting high praise from his instructor. He is really impressed with Luke's natural ability. I love it! And not in a braggy way. It's just really cool to see your child excel at something they really love. I hope we find something for Gabe!

Friday was our homeschool enrichment class. One of the moms I usually hang out with,K, texted me the night before to give me a heads up that a couple of her kids were sick and that another mom, P,  had sick kiddos, too, so they would all be absent. I was bummed about that because I knew it would make for a loooong day. Luckily, yet another mom, M,  (who's more friends with K) sat down with me and we had a nice long discussion.

We are so close to being done with our astronomy studies. I have to decide today if we're going to wait this week to see if we can use the telescope or if I'll just go ahead with our next unit. I hate loose ends!



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