Revving Up for Flue Season

Ah, Autumn. The leaves are turning, the temps are dropping, and flu vaccine propaganda is popping up everywhere I turn.

Thankfully, amid all the hype, some common sense does exist.

There are many reasons we don't vaccinate (surprisingly, none have to do with Jenny McCarthy!) and this sign is an example of one.

The thought behind vaccines is that if you want to protect yourself against x, you have to have a vaccine especially for x. For some you need multiple doses or boosters. And some, such as the flu, require a new shot every.single.year.

This may not be such a big deal except for the fact that the list of "necessary" vaccines continues to grow with each generation. Pharmaceutical companies have a bunch of vaccines in the pipeline. Not all of them will see the light of day, possibly, but there are several dozens in the works. When is enough enough?

Well, if you follow this line of thinking, never. It'll never be enough.

We hear so much about these vaccine preventable diseases, but I think it's interesting that we don't hear more about diseases and viruses that are out there for which there are no vaccines. Have you ever been to the CDC's website and browsed their stats page? There's an astonishing amount of viruses, bacterial infections, and parasitic infections lurking around out there!! Tons of them! Some I've never even heard of.

But as scary as all of that is, it's not even what we really need to be concerned about when it comes to health in the US. Reports tell us that American children are far sicker than their counterparts in other wealthy nations.
Specifically, children born in the U.S. are less likely to reach their fifth birthday than kids from certain other countries. The U.S. also has the highest infant death rate of any high-income country.

This despite the fact that we are the most vaccinated country in the world.

Our children are being diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, and heart disease at an alarming rate and at younger and younger ages. And as for the lucky ones who survive until age 5, they get to spend their life battling allergies, asthma, auto immune disease, and all kinds of other chronic conditions.

Is the answer to all of this really more vaccines or pharmaceuticals?

No, I don't think so. Instead of masking the symptoms, maybe we need to look at the cause of all of this sickness and disease. And we don't have to look far. Sadly, the Western approach to life is often in direct opposition of what we're told our bodies need. We're too busy, too stressed, too tired, and our diets are pure junk. All of these things stress our immune systems. Stressed immune systems have a hard time battling disease, viruses, and parasites. They can't protect us the way they were meant to.

I believe that our diet is the biggest culprit. Some experts are going as far as saying that our children are starving. Not from lack of food, but from lack of nutrients in our "food." Some have even said that we'll be the first generation to outlive our children.

But people here have a hard time grasping this concept. They run their health and the health of their children into the ground and then have the audacity to look down their nose at us disease-ridden vax skeptics. They shake their finger in our faces with one hand while they shovel garbage food down the gullets of their kids with the other. They literally have no clue at how their actions or lack thereof are severely damaging the health of themselves and their children.

I firmly believe that the vaccine culture has such a firm grip here because if there's one nation on the face of the earth that thinks we can live our lives in complete defiance of the laws of God and nature and then fix it all with a few jabs and pills, it would be the US of A.

There is a lot of research that points to how ineffective the flu shot is at protecting people. More info here, here, and here. (That last one rambles a bit, but is entertaining because he's very pro-vax and yet has to admit the vaccine is suboptimal.) And an explanation on why vaccines are (often) not very effective here. But I digress. The point is, how do we protect our children and ourselves, not just from measles, mumps, flu, etc, but from the vast array of disease that's out there? How do we promote health all year long? How do we ensure not just healthy children but healthy adults, too?

Instead of developing and administering a vaccine for every single disease out there, I happen to believe that bolstering our immune systems and giving our bodies the things it needs to thrive is a better approach. It's not easier, but it's better. There are mountains of research that shows how important it is for us to eliminate sugar and processed junk, get plenty of veggies, fruit, healthy fats and protein, spend time outdoors, get more sleep, and reduce stress. This is what our bodies need to function well. Nothing else will be an adequate substitute for these things. Not that it will stop Big Pharma from trying.

Our bodies know how to protect themselves, let's give them the right building blocks, protect and nourish them, and let them do their job.





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