Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up 10/24/15

One of my favorite homeschooling blogs, Weird Unsocialized Homeschooler, does a weekly wrap-up and I've been meaning to do the same. So, I'll start now.

On Monday, Ben went with us to the Missouri History Museum for Homeschool Day. We've both been looking forward to their new exhibit on coffee.
The history of coffee is rich and complex, both globally and in St. Louis. . In Coffee: The World in Your Cup & St. Louis in Your Cup at the Missouri History Museum, visitors will follow coffee’s journey from the plantation to their cup both in St. Louis and around the world.

Part traveling exhibition and part exhibition created by the Missouri History Museum,Coffee presents a unique experience for museum visitors. Roughly one third of the overall exhibit space consists of Coffee: The World in Your Cup, a traveling exhibition organized by the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle. The St. Louis in Your Cup portion of the exhibition, which encompasses the majority of the exhibit space, was researched and prepared by the Missouri History Museum staff, drawing from the organization’s own collection. Together, these two stories make up the 6,000 square foot exhibition that is Coffee: The World in Your Cup & St. Louis in Your Cup.

Coffee, one of the world’s most widely traded commodities, affects cultures, economies and environments around the world. Visitors to Coffee: The World in Your Cup & St. Louis in Your Cup will learn global stories about how coffee is grown and harvested. An engaging mix of artifacts, images, videos and maps illuminate the fascinating stories behind the coffee we drink. Furthermore, visitors will discover the little-known story of St. Louis’ 200-year love affair with coffee, and the city’s past as the nation’s leading coffee producer.

Many people do not realized St. Louis’ significance as a coffee producer. From the 18th century, when French settlers introduced coffee to the region, to today, when coffee shops and roasters fill the landscape, St. Louis has always been a city in love with coffee. The city’s location, unique population, and dedication to commerce formed the ideal atmosphere for the growth of the coffee trade. By 1920, the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce boasted that St. Louis was THE coffee capital of the United States. 

One of the artifacts was a rifle that had been modified to include a coffee grinder in it's stock. It was awesome! "You might be a coffee addict if...."

The exhibit was really detailed and well done. The boys even enjoyed themselves.

[caption id="attachment_2357" align="aligncenter" width="169"]A coffee bean mosiac! A coffee bean mosiac![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2356" align="aligncenter" width="169"]Luke's coffee logo Luke's coffee logo[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2355" align="aligncenter" width="169"]Gabe designing his coffee logo. Gabe designing his coffee logo.[/caption]

Tuesday was a home-all-day day. Both boys are now into their second Life of Fred books and are really enjoying them. Someone asked me yesterday what I think about the books and I said that I love that the boys actually enjoy doing math. For right now, that's good enough for me!

We finished up learning about President Grant. We were stuck on the Civil War for a loooong time. There's so much to learn and and so many different angles, but we had to move on.

On Wednesday, the boys started their moon journals and worked on their constellation cards. I had them look up each card in a library book about constellations. There are too many to memorize or anything like that, but something is better than nothing!

Luke has Scouts on Wednesday, and they rented the climbing tower up the road here at Beaumont. He did 4 climbs. We arrived early and got to watch him do the last climb so that was cool.

[caption id="attachment_2358" align="aligncenter" width="169"]Climb, buddy, climb! Climb, buddy, climb![/caption]

Thursday was beautiful so we took advantage and met up with some friends at the park after school. It was gorgeous out and I'm suddenly very aware that these perfect fall days are about over!

Fridays are our Dayspring days. The boys attend a homeschool enrichment program in the city. They each have three classes. I drop them off, hang out, plan my meals and grocery list for the week, and do my grocery shopping.

I introduced myself to another mom who I'd seen at the History Museum on Monday. Her little boy is in several of Gabe's classes. She was really nice and we talked and talked. She introduced me to another mom and we chatted some, too, so it was nice.

By the time I returned from grocery shopping, a couple other mom friends were there. We caught up a bit. The kids finished their classes and we all went to a nearby park.

It was another perfect day and we are always the first ones to leave so I decided to just let the boys play as long as possible, traffic be darned. These ladies, K and P are awesome. In addition to just being good people, they both live in Ferguson and it's fascinating to hear their input on the protests, Westlake, and Coldwater Creek, among other things.

We all stayed until a little after 5 and then headed home. Ben had warned me that he needed to work late so we really had no reason to rush. The boys really enjoyed themselves.

I printed and assembled the Kepler Starwheel and am hoping we can put it to use this weekend. I'm still hoping to finish with Astronomy at the end of this month so we can dive into Nutrition before the holidays!


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