Polio in the Ukraine

Here's an article that I ran across on FB. It's just stuns me with it's blatant stupidity. The headline reads,

"Ukraine outbreak brings polio back to Europe, 2 kids paralysed"

Now, statistics show that many people don't even bother to read articles anymore. They get their news from headlines. And people/organizations bank on this and utilize it to their full advantage. Which makes sense why this was posted because the person who posted it is one of the most intelligent people I know in real life and this article shoots itself in the foot at every turn.

Here's what I wrote to the ladies in my Holistic Mom's FB group:

 I mean the headline alone!! It should read “Vaccines bring polio back to Europe, 2 kids paralyzed!!” Ugh!

“A global vaccination campaign has largely stamped out the virus, and only Pakistan and Afghanistan have reported cases of wild polio virus this year. Madagascar and Nigeria have suffered vaccine-derived outbreaks, like Ukraine.”

“…immunised children excrete the vaccine, and within about 12 months it can mutate in the environment and begin causing paralysis again in unvaccinated children.”

Soooo, the vaccine is spreading polio and harming children so the answer is to…..give more vaccines? Not to mention, I love how they are only telling a half-truth here. Making it sound like after it mutates only non-vaxed are susceptible to it when the reports coming out of India would tell us otherwise. Basically, this crap is shedding, mutating, and then infecting vaxed and unvaxed alike, and there’s nothing that can be done. You know, until they start manufacturing and distributing new vaccines to cover up the issues caused by prior vaxes.

In an attempt to scare people as to how dangerous this is, it goes on to say, “"This is an epidemic-prone disease," said Oliver Rosenbauer, a spokesperson for WHO's polio eradication department." This is a virus that's very good at finding susceptible children.”

Again, people are led to think that “susceptible” children are only those who aren’t vaxed when in reality it’s any child without proper sanitation, nutrition, etc, despite their level of prior vaccination (since it mutates)!

Also “Vaccine-derived polio strains tend to spread less easily and not cause as many cases as the wild virus, he said, and a full outbreak response could stop the spread in its tracks.”


Make up your mind already. Is it a big deal or not?

“Ukraine … has been rid of wild polio virus since 1996….Turkey was the last country in Europe where polio was endemic, but it has been rid of the disease since 1999. Europe's last outbreak was in 2010.”

So, what I’m hearing is that Ukraine has “been rid of wild polio” despite a meager 50% vaccine rate (although that was the vax rate in 2014, I think it’s safe to assume it was much lower in 1996 when they state polio was eradicated. I find it very interesting that they neglect to give us the 1996 vax rate.). And yet they still credit a “global vaccination campaign” with eradicating polio in that part of the world. That literally makes no sense. If the global vaccination program was enough to eradicate it in the first place, we should be golden now, right, since vax rates have climbed so much worldwide?

They then go on and say that the low vaccine rate is the cause of the resurgence of polio while admitting that it’s not wild polio but vaccine-derived polio that is causing this massive headline-exploding outbreak of TWO people. (sarcasm)

Next, the author quotes an expert who says that there HAS to be more people with polio in Ukraine, even though authorities don’t know about them. “Silent carriers” I believe they were called.

This is of particular interest to me because in a previous article I posted here (about polio being "eradicated" in Africa) the experts there proclaimed Africa free of polio despite the fact that they KNOW there is still polio in the Horn of Africa, and despite the fact that some experts have cautioned that silent carriers still exist.

I just love how they do that. They can twist anything around to suit their agenda. Silent carriers are no biggie when they are chomping at the bit to claim their kudos for eradicating a disease and push the idea that vaccines helped to accomplish that, but they have no problem stressing the potential danger that silent carriers pose when trying to push further vaccines.


I know this page is supposed to be kind and understanding and such, but I’m sorry, this is blatant stupidity and willful ignorance right here and I’m just so sick of it. Especially when people are using this type of...logic?? to push forced vaccination and to label vax skeptics as bad parents.



  1. Bravo for keeping your head in the game despite the moronic headline.


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