Leading and Teaching

I'm not a slow reader, but this will be the second time I'll have returned this book without finishing it. I can only get about a third of it read in a two-week span!

Not from this book, but another wonderful quote from him:

“Nobody else can make anybody else learn anything. You cannot make them. Anymore than if you are a gardener you can make flowers grow, you don’t make the flowers grow. You don’t sit there and stick the petals on and put the leaves on and paint it. You don’t so that. The flower grows itself. Your job if you are any good at it is to provide the optimum conditions for it to do that, to allow it to grow itself.” (Keynote Speech to the Music Manifesto State of Play conference)

Wow and wow. Such a good reminder! I'm trying to wrap my mind around this approach and let it lead me in teaching and training the boys this year. It's definitely a work in progress!


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