Luke's 11th Birthday

My Luke is 11!

I had a hard time coming up with an idea for his birthday this year. He's so social that he jumps at any chance to get people together so he definitely wanted a party. However, he's not a little kid anymore so most party ideas were discarded as "too babyish." I can't remember how I came across the idea, but I saw something about a Messy Party and knew it was perfect for Luke.

We started off with a game I call Hunting for (Gummy) Bears.

Luke's-Party-All-In Luke's-Party-Face-First Luke's-Party-Mess-FaceLuke's-Party-Go-Chloe! Luke's-Party-Up-the-NoseEach plate contained 5 gummy bears which were then covered with whipped cream. The kids had to remove each gummy bear without using their hands!

The next game was a cross between hot potato and egg roulette. Eggs were passed around, one at a time, and when the music stopped the person holding the egg had to crack it on their head. 6 eggs were hardboiled and 6 were raw.

Luke's-Party-Egg-Roulette Luke's-Party-Elise-Egg Luke's-Party-Ben-Egg Luke's-Party-Egg-MessThis was the worst mess of the day. It was pretty hot out for a bit so the eggs hardened up quickly. Ben and my mom ended up frantically scrubbing the concrete while I conducted the next game.

Game number 3 was pretty simple, but not easy. I placed 5 small, flat decorative marbles in a vat of mud, sand, and water, and the kids took turns seeing who could find the most marbles in 1 minute. They all went around without finding any! I had to add in 5 more small marbles and 10 large. They were all able to find some on the next go around.

Luke's-Party-Taylor-Mud Luke's-Party-Luke-Mud Luke's-Party-Chloe-Mud Luke's-Party-Elise-MudLuke's-Party-Gabe-Mud


Next, the kids divided into teams. I dumped shaving cream on the head of 1 person from each team and their team mate had to throw Cheetos on their head. The team with the most Cheetos won.

Luke's-Party-Cheeto-Head-Gabe Luke's-Party-Cheeto-Head-Gabe-2 Luke's-Party-Cheeto-Heads-Chloe-and-LukeLuke's-Party-Cheeto-Heads-Gabe-and-BenLuke's-Party-Cheeto-Head-Ben


I had one more game ready to go, but it was getting late so we hosed everyone off and took an ice cream break. I decided not to mess with cake this year. I have a hard time finding a good gluten-free cake that works for us and is enjoyable for others, as well. Not to mention, I'm no good at cake decorating and always agonize over trying to make it look good with my lack of talent and patience.

So we did a sundae bar. I was thrilled that not a single person asked about cake.

Luke's-Party-Tiza-Ali-SundaeLuke's-Party-Gabe's-Sundae Luke's-Party-Emma,-Luke,-Nate-Sundae


Next came gifts.

Luke's-Party-Dolla-Dolla-Bills-Ya'll Luke's-Party-Money-Boa Luke's-Party-Emma's-DrawingThe money in a box was a huge hit! All of the kids thought it was so cool. That was courtesy of my best friend. So fun. The drawing was by one of Luke's friends from Dayspring. She is quite the artist!

Tim had some special up his sleeve for the birthday boy.



A special sliming. This was 8 servings of Cream of Wheat, mixed with 8 tablespoons of baby shampoo and green food coloring! It was sooo gloppy.

I guess the sugar rush kicked in because then they were all back up and at it! The water guns and water balloons came out and it was ON.

LUke's-Party-Hosed-Off Luke's-Party-Ganging-Up


This was the perfect party for Luke and I'm glad we did it, but the only regret is that not all of the kids were interested in getting dirty. I felt like they were left out. Of course, we were totally upfront about what kind of party it was going into it, but still. At least it was entertaining to watch. And the ice cream was good. The food is what really matters, right?

I think he had a good time.






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