Spring Cleaning

We're doing some much-needed spring cleaning around here. Not the house. That's a construction-dust mess. Our bodies and attitudes are what's getting a refresher.

We did the GAPS diet 3 years ago and, while it wasn't perfect, I can say for sure that our allergies and asthma issues were blissfully gone (greatly reduced in my case). And now they'reeee ba-ack. Big time. Luke is just as bad as when we started GAPS. Nothing helps him. He is miserable, poor guy. I hate it. And I know it's my fault. After GAPS, we found that we could occasionally have dairy and gluten, etc, but the past 6 months got out of control. Add in to that the fact that I have seriously slacked on ferments and it's not a pretty situation.

The other issue we've been dealing with is the need for a long-term electronics detox. The boys love Minecraft. They play Minecraft, they watch Youtube videos where people are playing Minecraft, on and on. We've tried limiting it in various ways, but we have come to the conclusion that it's just best to go cold turkey. The biggest frustration is that, for them, nothing else in life compares to Minecraft. They're BORED with everything else. They have no desire to be outside, to read books other than comics, to craft, or create, or play with the 1 million toys they own. They complain something fierce any time we go out to do something. They aren't helpful around the house at all. Their world is Minecraft and everything else is just a blockade keeping them from their game.

So here we are. We're doing GAPS lite (my own version of the diet) which includes lots of ferments, no processed sugar, and broth twice a day. We decided to let the boys play Minecraft on Wednesdays only and no Minecraft-related shows at all.

I'm already tired of all the complaining, but I know it's just a phase and it's worth it.



  1. Did you stick to this? How did it go? My boy could use a MAJOR minecraft detox.

  2. We waver back and forth. If we let them play only on Saturday and don't let them watch Stampy, etc., during the week, then it's wonderful! They are much happier and creative. Attitudes are so much better.


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