Ginger Bug

A friend told me about creating a ginger bug a while back and I was really intrigued because it sounded like a great way to get more probiotics into the boys without a bunch of crabbing. Plus, you can do a ginger bug without having to purchase some type of starter, which is nice because that can get expensive!

Here's a couple of links:

Wellness Mama

Nourished Kitchen

Ginger itself isn't cheap, but you only need a little at a time, so it's not so bad. I love it! I've been using it to ferment apple juice. It has a great flavor, which I need to cover the taste of the cod liver oil I make the boys gulp down every day.

[caption id="attachment_1711" align="aligncenter" width="200"]G-g-g-ginger bug! G-g-g-ginger bug![/caption]


Also, I used some starter to ferment apple sauce and that turned out really well. I LOVE fermented applesauce! Not only is it healthy, but it has a great taste and an awesome fizz to it. Good stuff!


  1. Very interesting! I'm really trying to move toward more traditional cooking as we can, and I think the kids might enjoy this one, too. Do you have the Nourished Kitchen cookbook? I'm on the waiting list at the library - looking forward to reading it.

    OT - have you tried the lemons I posted about on FB? You're my fermentation guru =)

  2. I do have the NT cookbook, but I haven't done much with it. I feel overwhelmed when I look at it. I usually prefer to do things that others have done. That way I have an idea of if we'll like it or not. My friend, Meg, had the gingerbug going in her kitchen and said her picky girls loved it. I'm excited to try your lemons!!


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